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CASE STUDY : A Cafe & Restaurant

It would be easy for us to write about how to take orders via an app. However, simply go to any cafe or restaurant today, and you'll see that almost every one of these businesses uses an android tablet or ipad to take orders.

Not to mention that there are also a plethora of other apps such as Deliveroo and MenuLog and Uber-Eats that are fast becoming popular, so the examples of this are endless. We did however develop a custom app like this for one cafe in Cronulla, but rather than write about this ... we wanted to point out a different way to use an app in cafe & restaurant industry.

Collecting Information from Customers in a Cafe and/or Restaurant

Embedded below , is a video with probably Australia’s best business coach (if not the #1 in the world) - Brad Sugars. In the video, Brad perfectly sums up in just over 3 minutes, a really simple and obvious way to build your business’ database using an iPad (or android tablet).

Such a simple idea isn’t it? Ask your cafe or restaurant customers to sign up to the VIP club for a free drink, and then be able to market to them for life.

Obviously this idea applies not just to cafes and restaurants but almost any business where customers come in for what is normally a one-off purchase.